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Bigfoot Heads Downunder

Bigfoot Heads Downunder

Over 30 years ago, a man named Bob Chandler modified his brand new F-250 to promote his 4x4 business. As the parts bills increased, the truck grew bigger and bigger and became the World’s first Monster Truck. Now, after over 3 decades of thrilling millions of fans around the World, acquiring numerous Guinness World Records, and debuting 20 different BIGFOOT® monster trucks, a brand new BIGFOOT is set to be unleashed in Australia. And it is guaranteed to thrill a whole new audience of monster fans around Australia and New Zealand.

That’s right! An all new BIGFOOT truck will be based on QLD’s Sunshine Coast, under the control of Clive Featherby and the Monster Truck Promotions Australia crew, and will be seen extensively around Australia and New Zealand.

BIGFOOT is the true legend of Monster Trucks, and its pending arrival Downunder is by far the biggest and most exciting news ever for monster truck fans in Australia.

BIGFOOT will make its Debut in March 2013 in Brisbane and will be driven by one of USA’s current superstar drivers.

BIGFOOT will sport the new style BIGFOOT of-road body, as seen on Bigfoot 18, in a custom new colour scheme, making this one of the best looking monsters ever seen.

BIGFOOT’s first Australian challenge will be a car crushing, car jumping contest against the Aussie champion “Outback Thunda” in an all out contest for the Australian car jumping record.

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As all fans of Downunder Monsters would know, I have been very slack in the update department. Well times are a changing.

With Clive Featherby and his new Monster Truck Promotions Australia company now starting to ramp up the shows here in Australia, information will start to filter through. I had been finding it hard over the last couple of years gettingthe latest information on monster trucks here in Australia. Especially since shows have been few and far between.

Just so every one is back up to speed, Clive received back four trucks after he sold the whole fleet a few years ago. With the trucks under going some big upgrades, he is now ready to start promoing shows again right around Australia.
Outback Thunda still heads up the truck line up, although it is running on the old Samson chassis and about to support a brand new look, with the body under going some major changes to its looks in the next month or so.
Spot the Lovable white dog with black spots is sure to be a kids favourite.
Monster Patrol is back again.
To round out the fleet and a great support to a great charity, Save the Tasmanian Devel Apeal, Tassie Devil.

Outer attractions include the Jet Quad and the Hellraisers stunt team.

SO we can look forward to some more Monster Truck Action in the very near future.